My Businesses


CLEARUNClearun Pty Ltd is a management company that holds Ninety One Creative Group and Cominex Computing.
I am an equal shareholder with my wife and my son in Clearun Pty Ltd. Visit the website.



91CGNinety One Creative Group is a business my son started in September 2012 in Adelaide, SA. He started part time, doing 2 days a week here and the remaining at an external job to help fund it. It started out as ‘Ninety One Graphic Design’ but was changed to account for advertising, marketing, video production, etc. The majority of the admin and accounting is held by Clearun Pty Ltd in Adelaide, SA still. Visit the website.


CXCominex Computing was founded January 1, 2011. We started this out of frustration that the Computer Repair franchise we owned at the time was not performing due to the limitations in the contract in regards to selling products.  This business is owned by Clearun Pty Ltd. Visit the website.